August 31, 2017

Heaven ...

I was shocked, confused, bewildered
As I entered Heaven's door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
Nor the lights or its décor.
But it was the folks in Heaven
Who made me sputter and gasp --
The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
The alcoholics and the trash.

There stood the kid from seventh grade
Who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
Who never said anything nice.

Bob, who I always thought
Was rotting away in hell,
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
Looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus, 'What's the deal?
'I would love to hear Your take.
'How'd all these sinners get up here?
'God must've made a mistake.'

'And why is everyone so quiet,
'So somber -- give me a clue.'
'Hush, child,' He said,
'They're all in shock!
'No one thought they'd see you.'

~~Author Unknown
(Though possibly written by either the worst sinner or
the most thankful person in heaven, or both!)
Remember...Just going to church doesn't make you a
Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car.
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August 30, 2017

The times they are a certainly changing ....

I can't believe it's 2011 since I last posted here, so much has happened in the interim! 

Maria's passing was such a shock to us all and I still can't believe she is gone and she won't be there when we come over to South Africa again.   We always made a point of going to visit her.

I really miss Maria, her witty comments on Facebook were so funny! 

Till we meet again!!!


The Times they are a changing

"The Times They Are A-Changin'"
Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

June 29, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Charlie

I just wanted to wish "Charlie" a very happy 50th birthday, it's amazing how time seems to have flown past, I joined Premier MIS back in January 1990 which is now 21 years ago, so Charles would have been 29 back then! Okay I think we need to stop the clock now.

Anyway Charlie hope you had an awesome birthday!

May 7, 2011

Lusito Land

Well it was arranged that we would meet all the ex-prems at Lusito Land, the night before Sunday the 24th of April, the weather had not been good, hence we received some phone calls from friends saying: "Take your Wellies", "Not coming - rather stay in bed", well I guess when you have such fantastic weather in SA, the rain does make you want to stay home, but in Ireland alas we go out in all kinds of weather else you just miss out on Life.

But luckily we got to meet the most beautiful twins in the world, Thanks Trevor & Kirsten for bringing the twins out to meet us and to come and see us, it was lovely seeing you!!!

February 15, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I heard this morning of the passing of Andre Barnard.  He will be sadly missed as he was a wonderful friend and Colleague, here is the note I found on LinkedIn this morning.

Andre Barnard passed away on Thursday. For more info call his wife 0828959838

Will post some more later, if you would like to add any memories or notes about Andre, you can do so here and I will repost them.


January 6, 2011

Trevor's Team

Here are some photo's of Trevor's gorgeous boys one with Santa ...

January 5, 2011

Maria's Christmas at Hartebeespoort

Hi Rose,

I am sure that you had a wonderfull white Christmas. Ours was not as traditional, but still very nice. My sister Carmen come from Spain and Johanna and family come from Ballito.

This year it was a small gathering of 10. Next year will have again all the family coming from all over the place.
These are the only photos I have at the moment, as I am waiting for Johanna to send me the photos taken with her camera.

In these photo, it is only me Michael and my grandkids Savannah and Bradley.

Love to all

Email & Photos from Sevesty

Hallo to Everybody, especially for those that still remember me.

I am proud to announce that I have a new family member added to the Erasmus clan.

She is 3 months old, unexpected after 8 years.
I had to learn everything again from the start, whoever said that being a parent will be easy, lied.

Photos attached.
Shinique Cara Erasmus 3 months old
Xavier Erasmus 8 years old at Dads business.

Love Sevesty

December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 from all the Ex-Premier Clan around the world

Dalene & her family having Christmas in South Africa

Gerhard and Edith celebrate Christmas with Santa in Sunny South Africa
Along with Ina 
Dave Jones daughter Alexa who celebrated Christmas away from their home town in California this year and spent it with family in the U.K. (Some more photos please Dave)

A lovely compilation of photos from Sandy - Christmas in South Africa, thanks Sandy.
Under the Christmas Tree with Derrick & Emily in Ireland
Celebrating our first really White Christmas in IRELAND
Christmas with Lynn in the U.K. 

November 7, 2010


Wow, I can't believe what a small world it is since Facebook arrived, in the last 2 days I have reunited with Dalene and Edith from MIS, Dalene suggested starting an alumni page, which I did - so if you are not on it yet please join.

May 10, 2010

Lynn's Visit to the Island of Ireland

It was so nice to Lynn over in Ireland again, we worked out that she hadn't been over for 3 years which is not too bad, we probably need to go to the UK for a visit again.
Anyway Lynn arrived and we went and dropped Emily off at friends and we headed to the O2 for the Kiss concert, maybe Lynn will write something on her new blog for us to read about.

Then Saturday we picked up up, went to the park, had lunch at Milano's (really nice pizza), then off to Emily's dress rehearsals for her up coming concert and then home to chillax, wine, food and lots to talk about.

Sunday we took a drive to the top of the hill behind us, then we went to Powerscourt, which is a stately home in beautiful gardens that once belonged to Princess Fergies grandmother, from there we went to Marlay park and home for lunch, so nothing too strenuous but really nice and relaxing.  All to soon it was time for Lynn to go, luckily she got here as flights had been cancelled 3 days prior due to Volcanic ash.

April 18, 2010

Congratulations Trevor & Kirsten

Well Trev has finally become a daddy twice, yes Kirsten and Trevor had 2 boys on Friday the 16th of April 2010.   Here is the message from Kirsten on Facebook:

Mathieu and Sebastien were born at 15:30. They were screaming their little hearts out and are doing well in the icu. Mathieu weighs 1.6 kgs and Sebastien 960 grams.

Kirsten has been in the Sandton Clinic for a while now, so they were delivered by C section on Friday.  Her latest update on Facebook is:

A quick update on the boys...They have good healthy lungs and wriggle a lot. They are tiny but fighters and the paediatrician is really happy with their progress. I'm a bit sore after the c-section. but it's all worth it when they clutch your finger. :-)

Well done to you both!

April 17, 2010

1940 was a Good Year.


1940 was the year of the 2nd world war began, and a lot of other good stuff came out of the 1940's - Ernest Hemmingway wrote "For whom the Bell Tolls".

In April of 1940, the following import events happened in History:

Tuesday 09:
World War II: Germany invades Denmark and Norway.
Sunday 14:
Royal Marines land in Namsos, Norway, occupying key points, preparatory to a larger force arriving two days later.

Monday 15:
The Allies start their attack on the Norwegian town of Narvik which was occupied by Nazi Germany.

Wednesday 17:
Ina Verster is born and you know what they say about Wednesday's child - "Wednesday's child is full of Woe", which is not true at all.

Tuesday 23:
A fire at a dance hall in Natchez, Mississippi kills 198 people.

Thursday 25:
The Faroese flag Merkið is made the official flag for the Faroe Islands.

What Other Events Happened in 1940

•Franklin D. Roosevelt wins the election and becomes the United States' first third-term president.

•Selective Training and Service Act signed into law as first peacetime military draft in United States history

•40-hour working week goes into effect

•The Narrows Suspension Bridge Collapses at Tacoma, Washington

•Armistice Day Blizzard kills 154 in Midwest

•Churchill was appointed Prime Minister and formed an all-party government

•Race Riots in Chicago, Harlem, Los Angeles and Detroit

•Leon Trotsky the Russian revolutionary is assassinated in Mexico

•Life magazine costs 10 cents

•Nylon Stockings go on sale

•RMS Queen Elizabeth - entered service
And Ina you share your year of birth with some very famoust people such as:
Born in 1940
John Lennon October 9th
Manfred Mann October 21st
Percy Sledge November 25th
Richard Pryor December 1st
Jeffrey Archer April 15th -- London, England
Mario Andretti February 28th -- Motovun
Frankie Avalon September 18th -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Peter Fonda February 23rd -- New York City, New York, U.S.
John Gotti October 27th -- The Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.
John Hurt January 22nd -- Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England
Tom Jones June 7th -- Pontypridd, Wales, UK
Ted Koppel February 8th -- Lancashire, England,
Bruce Lee November 27th -- San Francisco, California, U.S.
Jack Nicklaus January 21st -- Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Chuck Norris March 10th -- Ryan, Oklahoma, United States
Al Pacino April 25th -- East Harlem, Manhattan, U.S.
Nancy Pelosi March 26th -- Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Gene Pitney February 17th -- Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Cliff Richard October 14th -- Lucknow, United Provinces, British India
Smokey Robinson February 19th -- Detroit, Michigan, U.S
Martin Sheen August 3rd -- Dayton, Ohio, USA
Nancy Sinatra June 8th -- Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Clive Sinclair July 30th -- Richmond, Surrey, UK
Ringo Starr July 7th -- Dingle, Liverpool, England

Popular Films
•Walt Disney's animated film Pinocchio is released together with Fantasia
•The Great Dictator, starring Charlie Chaplin

Popular Music
•"Careless" Glenn Miller
•"I'll Never Smile Again " Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra
•"In the Mood " Glenn Miller
•"Pennsylvania 6-5000 " Glenn Miller
•"Only Forever" Bing Crosby

So really this post is to wish Ina a wonderful 70th Birthday for Saturday the 17th of April, hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!

December 30, 2009

MIS Melodrama's

Does anyone have copies of the Melodrama Videos that were taken over the years? If you do there are so many people looking for copies perhaps we can get it put onto DVD and even loaded up to a private youtube url for everyone to see.

December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas from Mark V in India

I saw Mark's photos on India in Facebook and asked him if I could put some up on the blog, but out of 168 photos it was so difficult to choose a few, so if you are linked to Mark on facebook it is worth going to have a look at the photos.  Mark, maybe you can send some verbiage to the photos I have added here:

India is on my list of place to see before I die, since seeing these photographs.